Small Animals

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Hamsters, Caged Rats, Ferrets, Tortoises - £4 per 1/2hr for safety check and feeding.

I am happy to clean out if you are away for a longer period but owners to provide bedding. If it runs out I will provide it, but invoice you upon return.

Diabetic pets

My own cat, Fudge, 15yrs old, was diagnosed with diabetes in July of this year.

He had been losing weight, drinking a lot, was ravenously hungry and appeared lethargic and depressed.  In fact all of the typical symptoms of diabetes, but, like most things, the symptoms were gradual and crept up on us.  Once he had the blood test, things moved on rapidly and by the end of the day he was on twice daily injections together with a strict feeding regime.

Things may have been on track for Fudge, but me?  I was left reeling, strangely the injections are the easy bit, trying to regulate his blood sugar and feeding has proved far more challenging.

I now have a honey pot to hand - and it has been used on three occasions, literally proving to be a life-saver but with the invaluable help of vet Ash and her wonderful nurses, Hannah & Kim, I have finally come to a place in my own mind that doesn't panic at the first signs of a hypo and as with all things, reality is often easier than anticipation. 

Stress transfers quickly to pets and my initial anxiety over the need for Fudge to eat immediately he's had his insulin, has been replaced by a calmer attitude that if he doesn't eat straight away it's not the end of the world.  He has a two-three hour window which allows us both to be less agitated and nine times out of time it works perfectly well. 

I must add here that this is particular to Fudge and shouldn't be taken as appropriate for any other pet with diabetes.  You should always consult your veterinary surgeon.  I am NOT a vet merely an owner.  

Would I choose the same route again - emphatically, yes.

There is life after diabetes and Fudge has gained weight, he's now back to 14lbs, is looking great and acting like a young cat again.

Finally, don't panic, research the subject, but don't become bogged down as it's very complicated, talk to your vet and other pet owners and perhaps just as importantly, start to enjoy your pet again.   There is life after diabetes!