Cat Care

£5 per 1/2hr for the first animal; subsequent animals £2 extra per visit - food provided by owner; water replenished and medication given as requested.

I am happy to provide a service to water plants, bring in post, close/open curtains and switch on lights free of charge when caring for any animal in residence.


One of my closest friends & her family has recently had to make that heart-breaking decision.

Charlie, a beautiful Golden Retriever, a true gentle giant is now at peace.

I was fortunate enough to be with her when she chose him all those years ago. He was a big, bold pup and it was pretty much love at first sight, both in no doubt that they would be together for a lifetime.

Charlie was one of the lucky ones, he came from his breeder to my friend and her family and there was never a day went by when he didn't know he was loved. Not many animals these days are fortunate enough to find that – so many have numerous homes and there are a rare few who find a forever home with one family.

Nothing can ever prepare you for that final hour, no matter how much you know it's for the best, the only thing to do, there's always a part of you that wants to postpone it, to try something else.

Perhaps it's fanciful to say that animals know when the time is right but I truly believe they have a greater insight into life than we, as mere humans have.

We will always grieve for them; for many of us they are truly our family and for those sceptics who have never known the love and trust they return ten-fold, it may be hard to understand how totally bereft and sad we feel.

There is one other important part of Charlie's life that cannot be forgotten, his retriever companion for the last two years, Molly, who in her own way will be mourning his loss as surely as his human friends. Molly has never known a time without Charlie, he has always been there and unlike us, she won't understand why one moment he was there and the next he was gone.

Perhaps the finest tribute of all is that Molly will follow in his footsteps because at heart she will always be what he made her, some good, some naughty but mostly happy.

This is for Charlie, who was always loved.